Digital Health Skype Match 2016
Meet potential business partners in one afternoon!

With pre-arranged one-to-one meetings through Skype, local digital companies have an opportunity to connect and work together across the borders.

Wed 9th of March 2016 at 1-5 pm Finnish time (EET)

B2B matchmaking will be organised through Skype. Companies can take part in the event from their own offices without the need to travel.

Free of Charge!

by 2nd of March: Register and submit your company profile
by 4th of March: Send, receive and accept meeting requests
7th of March: The schedule and contact info emailed to all the participants
9th of March: Skype meetings at 1-5 pm Finnish time (EET)

Organisers: Enterprise Europe Network & COSS association
Digital Health Skype Match 2016 is powered by:
alessandra atanasio
Tamás Baritsa
Karsten Brønnum. Skype:
Víctor Fernández SKYPE-ID: v-fernandz-ess
Louis Costa Skype: louis.costa55 of 55W International, Inc. Virginia USA
Cristina Tare (Skype ID: cristinatare) of Accesa
Anna Pencsné Micskó - Skype ID: micskoanna of Adware Research Ltd.
Konstantinos Psichoulis - Skype ID: aenorasis.s.a. of AENORASIS
NURIA VILLEN of Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalucía
Kostas Giokas skypeid: kgiokas of AiM, ICCS
Bo de Lange SkypeID: atia-bv of Alan Turing Institute Almere
George Halambalakis - Skype ID = giorgosh1982 of ALARGO SYSTEMS
Francesca Marchi _francisfrancis17 of AREA Science Park
Nicos Maglaveras of Aristotle U of Thessaloniki, Lab of Computing and Medical Informatics
Csilla Fülöp (Skype ID: csilla.fulop) of ArtSoft Consult SRL
John Gialelis - Skype ID: johngialelis of ATHENA/Industrial Systems Institute
George Sr. Suciu - Skype ID: george.suciu1 of BEIA Consult International
George Suciu - Skype ID: george_suciu of BEIA Consult International
Christopher Bristow - Skype ID: chris.bristow of BetterPoints
Eduardo Giacomazzi of BioBrasil
Pedro Barros of BlueCrow Capital
Paulo Barbeiro SkypeID: paulobarbeiro of BlueWorks MED
Anna Jackson - Skype ID: anna.jackson936 of Cambridge Cognition
Thanos Kosmidis (skypeID: thanosk) of Care Across
Luis Guimaraes of CCG - Center for Computer Graphics
Enikő Schmidt of CCI Pécs-Baranya Hungary
Firas Sarhan of Centre of excellence for telehealth and assisted living
Constantinos Potamitis Skype ID: constantinos.potamitis of CloudPharm
Rute Sofia of COPELABS - Association for Research and Development in Cognition and People-centric Computing
Ioannis Katramados - Skype ID: cosmonio of COSMONIO IMAGING BV
Olli Purma - Skype ID olli.purma of COSS
Mariann Semjeni Skype ID: semjeni.mariann of CROmed Research and Service Centers Ltd
Oliver Häuser - Skype ID: ohaeuser71 of DAM United
Kellie Peters (SkypeID kellie.peters_dbx) of Databasix UK Ltd
Nagy Ferenc of Devital Solutions
Donovan Sampson of Dochsa Ltd
Emiliano Lepore (Skype: emiliano_lepore) of Dofren srl
Massimo De Faveri of Ecube
Mari Kivinen - Skype ID: mari_kivinen of Enterprise Europe Network
Mike Gilkes of Enterprise Europe Network - Teesside University
Daniel Polonia SkypeID: dpolonia of Enterprise Europe Network/Agência Nacional de Inovação
Bruno Gavino of EspiralPixel Lda
Rui Santos Skype ID = rui_maia_santos of Esri Portugal
Walter Allasia - Skype ID: walter.allasia of EURIX Group
Konstantinos Katzis - Skype ID: kkatzis of European University Cyprus
Adrian Lupau - SkypeID: adrian.lupau of Fortech SRL
Natalia Silva. Skype: nataliasusanasilva of FRCT - Regional Fund for Science and Technology (AZORES)
Ana Cristina Goncalves skype: agoncalves1916 of FSA Digital Med.
Sonia García - Skype ID: sonia.garcia.fundacion.ctic of Fundación CTIC
Elena Rocher- Skype ID: elena_rocher of Fundación InnDEA Valencia
Francesco Menegoni Skype ID: francesco.polimi of g&life SpA
Antonio Jiménez-Riquelme Gutiérrez of gansaby
Eugénia of GECAD
Marcel Walz of GWA Hygiene GmbH
Andrea Cox of Healthcare Consulting & Research Center
Hélder Barbosa - Skype: Helsimao of HeartGenetics
Hugo Sousa - Skype ID: guigas_skype of Help U2B IT
Gonçalo Andrade of Hovione Capital
Marian Hanganu of HTSS
Roberta Martella - Skype ID: isp.sviluppo of I.S.P. ISTITUTO STENODATTILO PROFESSIONAL SRL
Daniel Ruiz - Skype: druiz0 of IBIS Research group - University of Alicante
Nikitas Skliros Skype ID: n.skliros of ICI Trials
Raquel Sousa SkypeID: raqjsousa of IncreaseTime
Sorin Pop - Skype ID: sorin_tepu of Indeco Soft
Susie Wagner Bondorf - Skype ID: susie_bondorf of Infocura IVS
Pieter Jongert of INNOFACTION
Diana Guardado - Skype ID: dianaguardado of Instituto Pedro Nunes
Afonso Duarte - Skype ID: afonsomsduarte of ITQB-UNL
Sorana Bolboaca - Skipe ID: of Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Robert Blatnik of Jozef Stefan Institute
Jonas Petersen – Skype ID: jonas.tyle.petersen of JTP Management Consulting | Digital Innovation & Growth
János Keresnyei (Skype: keresnyeij) of Kerko Media
Erik Barna erik_barna of LIFE IS HARD
Beatriz Pérez of Madrid Science Park
Máté Knausz, Skype ID: knausz.mate of MarkCon
Steve Dann - Skype ID: steve_dann of Medical Realities
Melissa Arni-Hardén of Melis
David de Mena García of mHealth services
Aura Dontu - Skype ID aura_dontu of Mira Telecom
Benjamin Suhr of Mobile Fitness A/S
Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis Skype ID: takis.zoumpoulakis of National Hellenic Research Foundation - Institute of Biology, Medicinal Chemistry and Biotechnology
Philippe Roger - Skype ID : philipperoger.86 of NaturalPad
Eva Lajko - Skype ID lajko.eva1 of Netis Informatics
João Bordelo of Newmedtech
Alan Whiteside - Skype ID: alan.whiteside5 of NHS Highland
Ioana Dragos of North-West RDA Romania
Mariano Romero Skype ID: mariano.oblumi of Oblumi
Kaare Nørgaard - Skype ID kaarenoergaard of Ocean Process A/S
Vera Luttseva of OMB
Marta Rybarczyk - Skype ID: martha11 of Oxford Innovation
Diana Ieremia (Skype ID: of Paspartu Translation Services
zoe tziakou of PCC HELLAS
Maarten van Hooij - Skype ID: Maarten.van.Hooij of PPO developed by Medox
Zoltan Farago (Skype ID: of Precognox
Ivan Mangone of Progetti S.r.l.
David Cotán - Skype ID: david.cotan of Pronacera Therapeutics S.L.
Teemu Purmonen (skype: teemu.purmonen) of Proper Project Office Ltd
Radu Orban of S.C. Soft Tech Plus S.R.L.
sherida buyne of Safardia
Benjamin Jennes - skype (benjamin.jennes) of SameBox
Adrian Toland - Skype ID: adrian.toland1 of Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
Hugo Ravara - Skype ID: hravara of Seamlink
Jure Lampe Skype ID: jure.lampe of SenLab
Luís Ferreira of Sensing Future Technologies
Sandra López González - Skype ID: salogo24 of Soltel IT Solutions
Plamen Panayotov - Skype: plamen.pan of Solutions Brief Therapy and Counsling Centre Rousse
Johann Huber of Soma Analytics
Martin Callinan Skype ID martinc121 of Source Code Control Limited
Piotr Krajewski - Skype ID: stermedia_it of Stermedia Sp. z o.o.
Valentina Iorga valentinaopenid of Teamnet International S.A.
Ann Louring Roldan - Skype ID ann.louring.roldan of Tech2patients
Hajni Farkas - Skype ID farkas.hajni00 of TensioMed
Alexandra Kurmanaeva of TestGene
George Ferenczi Skype: george_ferenczi of THOR Laboratories
Lola Salinas - Skype ID: of ticbiomed
Ioan-Alexandru Dragan of Trencadis
Juan Luis Carus of TSK
Timo Huttunen of Turku Science Park Oy
Joana Quental of Universidade de Aveiro
Ilídio Correia - Skype ID: icorreia75 of University of Beira Interior
Hille Meetsma of VitalinQ Healthy Lifestyle Support
Lene Vistisen Skype ID: of Welfare Tech
Frances Place Skype: francesplace.wo of White October
Indrek Vainu - Skype ID: indrekvainu of Xpressomics
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